Back when we first wrote about the new iPhone's rumored camera, we mentioned that panoramic photos were likely in the cards because of code for the feature found in a developer build of iOS 5. But when Apple officially unveiled the new OS at the iPhone 4S launch, panoramic photos weren't on the menu. What happened?

It's not clear why Apple decided not to enable panoramic photos with the public release of iOS 5, but that code found in the beta? It's still there. One enterprising developer by the name of Conrad Kramer was able to turn on panoramic photos on his iPhone, and detailed the process over Twitter. Once panoramic mode is enabled, a user can take panoramas simply by tapping the camera button and waving the iPhone around.

Apps enabling the panoramic feature have already been made available for jailbroken versions of iOS. Hopefully Apple resolves whatever issues it had with the feature so that non-jailbreakers can get in on the action, too. Notably, panoramic photos have already been announced/demoed for Andoid Ice Cream Sandwich.

[via MacRumors]

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