If you've used an Chase Bank ATM near Union Square in Manhattan this year, there's a pretty damn good chance that your ATM card information has been stolen. Take a minute to panic, gather yourself, and now continue reading.

The New York Times says that three Bulgarian men from Quebec, Canada installed "skimmers" on eleven ATM's at four different Chase locations within a mile of Union Square. Their scam produced nearly $300,000, part of which was used to buy shit in Arizona, Illinois and Canada of course. An unsealed indictment states that most of the money was wired back to Bulgaria through Western Union, so maybe they were taking care of family at home.

If you're freaking out again, relax, because a Chase spokesman said the bank reimburses fraud victims for losses. The weekend is pretty much here, and Black Friday is just a week away, so 'tis the season for money to matter. Criminals are becoming increasingly creative these days, so be careful with your finances.

[via The New York Times]

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