We cannot think of a better way to prepare for next week’s launch of Skyrim than dressing your Xbox Live avatar to the 9‘s with Skyrim themed apparel. Thanks to Microsoft and Bethesda, we can now do just that.

The Skyrim Launch Collection is now available in the avatar marketplace and features a variety of Skyrim themed goods to equip on your XBL persona. Included in the offerings are:

Dragonborn Armor – 400 MS points
Dragon Bone Armor – 400 MS points
Mage Robe – 320 MS points
Dark Brotherhood Armor – 400 MS points
Dragon Bone Helm – 240 MS points
Dragon Prop – 240 MS points
Elder Scroll Prop – 240 MS points
Magelight Prop – 240 MS points
Stormcloak Helm – 240 MS points

Come on! You know you want one!