Washington D.C.'s Catholic University is lagging behind in logic. Back in June, the school's president John Garvey decided that abolishing the co-ed dorms that had been in place for over 20 years was the only way to stop students from doing the unthinkable: having sex. This, folks, is futility at its finest. If you consider the fact male and female students were separated within the dorms, the futility becomes absurdity.

Inside Higher Ed paid a visit to the campus to see if the change had made any type of difference, and students pretty much confirmed that it hadn't. Sex is as much a part of college as education, and if you want to get all the way real, sex is education. The trial and error during those formative years builds character, and believe it or not, people meet their future spouses at college. And have sex with them. Above all of that, you can't stop people from having sex. Feeble attempts to force students to stop doing the inevitable could lead to them having sex in inappropriate places around campus. Did anyone stop to think about that?

In closing, this move definitely won't stop the gay and lesbian sex at the university, which is also a part of college and real life. However, we're pretty sure that Garvey's mind never even traveled down that path. Not at this Catholic institution of higher education.

[via Gawker]

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