Capcom certainly has an interesting relationship with controversy. They just can’t seem to get away from stirring it up in one way or another; this time around though, they may have personally offended and entire Royal Family, at least in Spain.

Spanish news outlets are reporting that the country is noticing quite a bit of similarity between the new Magneto costume for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and the traditional outfit worn by their king, Don Juan Carlos. The Royal Family has stated to the press that they are discussing the usage of the suit internally and will make a decision if they are going to take an official position on Capcom’s depiction of their king. The idea of legal action being taken hasn’t been ruled out at this point.

We aren’t sure if there is really an issue at hand here considering that the very outfit in question was used previously in the Marvel series “The Pulse: House of M special” many years ago.