Asura's Wrath

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

February 21, 2012

For this very angry game, we got more hands-on time with the E3 demo though Capcom has since fine tuned this prolonged boss fight of an episode. The most noticeable tweak was in adding more cutscenes to shed even more light in Asura’s backstory.

And yes(!) we finally found out the reason why Asura’! Well, we all express ourselves differently when our wives are murdered, our daughters are kidnapped and we’re framed for murder. Not since Dragon Ball Z have we ever seen an entertainment property featuring so much pent up aggression.  

Love it or be ambivalent about it, Asura’s Wrath’s gameplay embraces quick time events, as evidenced by the sheer number of QTEs we already seen in these few demos. This is all okay in our book because the game appears to have a lot of room to feature other forms of gameplay such as on-rails shooting, traditional third person brawling and even chase sequences.

Seeing more than just boss-centric chapters this time allowed us to fight against other enemy types, which mostly appear to be amped up versions of familiar zoo animals.

The thing that gets us the most excited about Asura’s Wrath are the sheer moments of Looney Tunes...lunacy: a planet sized demi-god trying to smudge Asura with a nation-sized index finger or a sword that stabs our hero as it bores through a planet. Those are just two of the many TV-style episodes that make up the overall flow of the game.

Speaking of flow, it’s quite remarkable that the game can switch between gameplay styles, camera angles, and segue into cutscenes without any loading interruptions. This was especially poignant during a battle when Asura was holding his own against a small army all the while duking it out without arms! The zoo animals take a break and make room for enemies that can be described as Buddhist mechs.

Asura starts off in the standard third person view with quick attacks and kicks that toss foes in the air, and when he’s ready to deal the finishing blow to the mid-boss, it is with a seamless transition to a QTE headbutt.