Where: 536 East 5th St.
Website: newyorkramen.com

No fussing, no fighting, and no frills, Minca provides the in-and-out experience. Sit, order, eat, leave. Easy but also fulfilling (to your stomach).

I ordered the Tsukemen dipping style ramen special, which is comprised of miso broth and noodles, and comes with sides of hardboiled egg, scallion, bamboo shoots, and chashu pork. The ramen and broth are both separate from the side ingredients (meat, egg, etc.)


- Type: Wavy and Cold; Medium hardness
- Thickness: Thick, Springy, al dente
- Texture: Chewy


- Saltiness: High
- Flavor Base: Seafood
- Texture: Thick and Tich


- Tenderness: Soft to Medium
- Fat Content: Medium

Never the underdog, Minca is more like an honorable top dog warrior.

Also try: The #3 Basic with thick noodles.