After taking a nearly three-decade break from the sci-fi genre that made his career, director Ridley Scott is once again setting his sights on the future with his mysterious project, Prometheus. Not much is known about the plot of this movie yet, but Entertainment Weekly finally has our first clear look at the enigmatic film.

At the beginning of the movie's production it was rumored that it was either a prequel or sequel to Scott's sci-fi masterpiece, Alien, but the article states that may no longer be the case. One of the film's stars, Michael Fassbender, says in the article, “There’s definitely a link to Alien,” and then he adds, “There’s creatures in it that you’ll recognize.”

However, Charlize Theron, another member of the packed cast, seems a bit more dismissive about that claim by saying, "I think people should really let go of the idea that it’s an Alien film.”

Either way, we're getting more intrigued about this movie with each new piece of info that comes out, and courtesy of Shock Till You Drop, we have a few scans from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly

Prometheus will be released on June 8, 2012.

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