4. Flambé Pizza

Served At: Co.
Neighborhood: Chelsea
Address230 9th Ave.

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food. A single slice turns into two, turns into an entire pie, and before you know it, nothing is left behind but an empty box and a intense feeling of shame satisfaction. If it's this type of guilt-laced contentment you seek, head to Co., Chelsea's pizza spot, where they've got the cheese-covered-bread game in a chokehold. Their Flambé pizza has the best crust east of the Hudson (and they're on 9th ave, so that's saying a lot), with said crust cloaked in a dumb amount of buffalo mozzarella and parmesan, which is then doused in béchamel sauce strewn with caramelized onions and crispy lardons (that's bacon, fool). Think of it as your average white pie hopped up on steroids. Only the steroids are cheese. And it's not average.


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