6. Duck Meatloaf

Served At: Buttermilk Channel
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
Address524 Court St.

Sure, sure meatloaf like your mother would make. But, let's face it—Mom wasn't inventive enough to make duck meatloaf. And don't clown yourself, she definitely wasn't putting an oversized onion ring on top. So stop with the mom comparisons; it's disrespectful. This is a meatloaf that knows no rival. The duck brings full-flavored decadence to the table (something ground chuck could never do), while the warm and silky celery root and green apple puree with huckleberry jus is as complex as it is cozy, something that regular mashed potates falls short of. And to finish you off, there is a deep fried hunk of heavenly onion on top of it all. Offer your mom our sincere apology, because she just got housed.

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