Apple today released iOS 5.0.1, the first update of its latest mobile operating system. The update promises to fix the issues that caused some iPhone users to experience poor battery life

Though Apple stopped short of admitting there was a reason users were seeing shorter battery life, the company did admit that a number of iPhone users saw a sharp decline after upgrading to iOS 5. According to CNET, beta testers are saying that the update does indeed fix the issues. 

The update brings a host of other fixes including the ability for users with the original iPad to use multitasking touch gestures, like capability to pinch the current screen of the app your'e using to return to the home screen. Those with an iPad 2 can now rest assured that people won't be able to access apps running on the tablet when the Smart Cover is opened thanks to a new fix. 

To upgrade, fire up iTunes and connect your iDevice. 

[via CNET

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