Remember when a Mexican chapter of the Anonymous hacker group threatened to expose the names of journalists, police officers, and other government officials who were in cahoots with Mexico's murderous Zeta Cartel? Sure you do, it was only four days ago. That's when a video the hacker collective released in early October saying they would take action if Zeta didn't release the Anonymous member it kidnapped was translated into English. Well, now it looks like Anonymous has had a change of heart and is backing down from their plan. 

Global news analytics company Stratfor reported that Zeta has employed their own digital team to find out the identities of the Anonymous members involved in anti-Zeta operation. It went on to say, "Individuals involved face the risk of abduction, injury and death — judging by how Los Zetas has dealt with threats in the past." 

It seems Anonymous got the message loud and clear. Yesterday, The Guardian reported that "Operation Cartel" was falling apart and some members were "stopping their scheme to identify collaborators and members because they don't want anyone to be killed as a result."

[via Huffington Post]