5 million in first week sales is nothing to scoff at; that is unless your game has amassed more than 9 million pre-order sales prior to its launch. That is exactly what analysts are estimated has occurred with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

According to Lazard Capital Market’s Atul Bagga, Activision’s latest entry in their cash-mill of a series amassed presales almost three times those of DICE’s Battlefield 3. EA has stated that their game racked in more than 3 million preorders, which would then (per Bagga) put Modern Warfare 3 well over 9, and that is BEFORE the game’s official release.

That is just plain INSANE.

Lazard has also gone on to predict that the title will likely exceed the 20 million sold market before the end of the calendar year. We think that for at least the time being, those involved with the project have a bit of job security; then again, odder things have happened.

[via Gamespot]