If you're an Amazon Kindle owner and a member of its $79/year Prime service, Amazon's got a new service for you: Kindle Lending Library. The digital library features over 5,000 books—including 100 New York Times Bestsellers—and will allow Kindle/Prime users to download one title per month for free. Unfortunately, the WSJ is reporting that the servie does not include books from the six largest book publishers in the country, so those 5,000 books may be an assortment of random cooking and self-help books. 

The Kindle Lending Library, which will only be available in the US, will have a seperate section in the Kindle Store. Books available for lending will be marked with a "Prime" logo and will have a "Borrow for free" button beneath the "Buy" button. It will work with any Kindle, including the upcoming Kindle Fire. Perfect timing.

[via The Verge]