3. Games available for 3D are games you want

Typically when releases hit the shelves in accordance with hardware advancements, they are not games players are lining up for. New controllers come out, the line-up released for them are lackluster, ill-conceived and rushed. 

But with the Sony 3D movement and its display, big names are supporting the software and hardware.  Resistance 3, Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 (perhaps there is something to be said for trilogies and 3D) are great by themselves but with the new display, they literally jump out.

The depth of battlefields to your rifle in Killzone 3 is realistic.  You feel the background as if it was in front of you rather than matted with your character.  When Hybrids in Resistance 3 leap at you, you will flinch.