5. 3D Display and Multiplayer support

Finally, the fifth reason to not hate 3D with Sony’s 3D Display is that it actually works and it works with your friends.  The games pop when set up properly with the device. Be aware that the 3D setting may need to be activated despite instructions stating automatic detection.

The 3D Display works with special stereoscopic glasses that are far better than the plastic red and green glasses passed out at movies.

The glasses are powered and have a shutter feature to prevent ghosting effects while playing. Add another set of glasses to the mix and you now have the ability to bring a buddy in to play. With the design of the display, the 24-inches do not become a battle for small viewing space. There is a special 3D setting for side-by-side two player enjoyment and it performed very well during the review.

Each player is given their own full HD screen while playing co-op or head-to-head. While Uncharted faired okay in 3D, Resistance 3 and Killzone 3 put some serious depth into playing. The Chimera and Helghast easily will make their way into your living room.