Remember the last time Eddie hosted Saturday Night Live? Chances are that you don’t, because you were probably in diapers. With the plethora of stars to have graced the SNL stage over the years, you’d think that Eddie Murphy would have made the rounds at least a hundred times, especially with him being a former cast member. However, the last time the actor appeared on the show was in 1984; it was the episode in which he blessed the world with priceless sketches such as “White Like Me” and “Black History Minute.”

Shabaz K. Morton sadly has yet to make a return to the spotlight, and that’s probably because the hateriffic cast—or, more specifically, David Spade—decided to take some nasty shots at his career. Be that as it may, Murphy’s gone on to become one of the show’s most successful alums. Sure, Spade might’ve called him out as a “falling star,” but we’re pretty certain far worse things could be said about the latter’s career. We think it’s high time Murphy and the show put their differences aside and joined forces once again. Why? Because Buckwhat would’ve wanted it that way.