For all of Skyrim’s technical achievements, it’s still severely limited when it comes to creating sizable conflicts. The first time you face off against a dragon it seems like such a rarified event would be a big deal, an outing that should warrant a small phalanx of soldiers to join you in your quest to fell this ancient and terrible beast. But no. Your initial charge against this ancient and terrible creature of legend has three or four other soldiers at your side, ineffectually trying to take down the fire-breathing behemoth.

War in the North may have only a Fellowship of three individuals to face off against incessant hordes of orcs and trolls and goblins, but at least you’re fighting more than three or four orcs and trolls at once. You frequently face overwhelming odds, and the skirmishes are all the better for it. Basically, in Skyrim you battle through a ton of encounters; in War in the North, you encounter a ton of battles.