6. A Fable time-skip

If there's one person alive whose worldview is more warped than Kim Kardashian, it's got to be Lionhead Studios head Peter Molyneux. Take, for example, the Fable series' deplorable trend of jumping ahead in time by large increments, to wildly inconsistent consequences and with little to no warning.

The worst offender is Fable 3, in which 122 days pass with absolutely zero warning and at great expense to the game's world and plot. On the other hand, maybe it goes to show what a trifling span of time 122 days can be, which must be why Kardashian had no issues dissolving her marriage after little more than half that time. Hopefully they at least had enough time to make a new sex tape—our dvd of the old one is getting a little scratched (because we've been using it as a coaster).