Lesson learned: Don’t marry Bobby Brown.

Whitney Houston has made a career for herself in music by using her stellar voice, but, unfortunately, she also made a career for herself in reality TV by marrying Bobby Brown. The two married in 1992, and their series, Being Bobby Brown, debuted twelve years later.

With the bad came some good, though. Being Bobby Brown gave us some hilarious clips such as this one, and crowned the Bravo as one of reality television's top networks. It was what the producers didn't show on camera that caused the rampant dysfunction, like heavy drug use and, at least on Bobby Brown's part, a jail stint. Whitney's career suffered greatly from the on-air debacle, and she's still struggling to overcome drug and alcohol issues.

If we'd have attempted to tell Whitney this same lesson before she married Brown, she would have most likely responded in this manner. Glad we didn't.