Lesson learned: Try not text so much when you're spending quality time with your partner.

OK, we understand why Kristin liked to text—she was a 20-year-old new mom living in a new state where she hardly knew anyone apart from her husband and child. She wanted to keep in touch with her friends back in her hometown, so it makes sense. But, girl, a friendly text every now and then would have sufficed, not the 5000 she boasted about sending every month to every person on the planet.

Kristin texted so much that she couldn’t even stop when she was driving with her child in the car, or during a simple family dinner with her husband. She claimed that Steven didn’t like her texting because some of the people she texted happened to be other guys, not the sheer volume of her typed messages. Ignorance sure is bliss.

Eventually, the two split up (surprisingly not over text message), and Kristin bragged that she’d upped her monthly text message number to 9,500. By the end of the episode, she does curb her texting a bit because she realizes that she could perhaps kill someone by texting while driving, but her marriage with Steven remained broken. Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

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