Pop culture in the ‘90s was just plain bizarre. For instance, Vanilla Ice was a successful rapper, and the series finale of Family Matters featured Urkel in space, yet perhaps nothing topped Dinosaurs, one of the most surreal sitcoms of all time.

Produced by Jim Henson Television, the ABC sitcom followed the lives of a prehistoric family of talking dinosaurs complete with a brain-dead dad, a worrying mother, rebellious kids, and a mischievous baby. Dinosaurs shamelessly stole multiple plot points and characters from The Simpsons, but who cares? We loved it.

We're sick and tired of seeing the Spielbergian interpretation of dinosaurs; it's time to watch these mountainous lizards make wise cracks and wear people clothes once again, even though they never seemed to wear any pants. Plus, who needs to create an unrealistic puppet of the show's baby when you could just shave Snooki bald and stick a pacifier in her mouth? Trust us, she’s had worse things in there.