Just in case you can’t find anything good to play right now, which is next to impossible considering the current and recent new releases, Sony and Subway are teaming up to solve your problem. Gamers who head to their local Subway restaurant and purchase a specially marked Uncharted 30oz soft drink will receive a specially code redeemable on the PlayStation Network. Entering the code into the PSN will give you access to the multiplayer portion of Uncharted 3 a whole month before the game launches into retail.

That is right, you can get a free download for the multiplayer portion of the game just for buying a Pepsi at Subway. This includes all of the multiplayer maps and modes featured on the retail disc that will launch into stores on November 1, 2011. This promotion also gives us all a chance to see Nathan Drake out of his element and pimping Subway products on national television. Check out the latest commercial for the partnership and offer above and watch out Jared, I think Subway may have found a new spokeman.