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The second batch of downloadable content for WWE '12 has been announced and the game hasn't even been released yet.  Apparently, they want you to see all of the goodies they have lined up to entice you to sign up for the Fan Axxess pass (960 Microsoft Points or $11.99 on PSN), which gives you all of the DLC content with over a 25% savings.  Coming in December, the Divas DLC pack includes five of the sexiest female wrestlers to ever grace a WWE ring...and then there is Kharma.  Each of the Divas can be purchased separately for 80 Microsoft points or $0.99 on PSN, though it appears that Alicia Fox will be free content.  The new Divas included are:

Trish Stratus
Brie Bella
Nikki Bella
Vickie Guerrero
Alicia Fox