It seems like the old addage is true: "It ain't what you know, it's who you know." Will Ferrell and his partner-in-funny Adam McKay have signed on to oversee rookie screenwriter Lauren Kahn's He's F***ing Perfect. The odds of this lottery-like case of happenstance would be improbable to measure, but when you figure that Kahn has been McKay's assistant for several years—cynicism be damned! Now that the former writer-director of those Funny Or Die sketches is a Hollywood screenwriter, we're sure that our script is next up for consideration.

Fox 2000 has nabbed the spec, which follows a woman who Facebook-stalks the guys her friends are dating so she can warn them if they happen to be like these guys or turn out to be total losers. But then, she sees a man who she considers perfect, on the arm of her gal pal, and starts trying to convince her to dump him so she can date him instead. Ouch-a-roonie!

No director is attached just yet, but it'll be interesting to see what title they'll come up with. There's no way that we're going to receive a He's F***ing Perfect press release. What's even more interesting is how Bad Teacher writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky just sold a pitch to Sony about just this very subject.

Who are you placing your bets on to drop their movie out first? Let us know in the comments section.

[via Empire]