This coming Holiday season Microsoft and a slew of entertainment partners just might change the way we all watch television. Microsoft has officially announced that it is teaming up with nearly 40 world-leading television and entertainment providers to bring a variety of entertainment services to Xbox Live. Once the ball gets rolling with this deal, there may not be a reason to turn off you 360.

We aren’t talking about rinky-dink companies that are teaming up here. Huge names such as Bravo, Comcast, Crackle, HBO GO, Verizon FiOS and Syfy are on board for the North American offerings. Other regions in the world are seeing similar backing in their countries, including the BBC and Rogers On Demand of Canada.

If more names continue to join in this movement, video game consoles could become the primary source of entertainment in households across the country, and possibly the world. Gaming is truly becoming an entertainment force to reckon with.