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In a few weeks or less, the total population of humans on Earth will reach seven billion for the first time in history. (We've been scaling the six billions for the past decade or so). To mark this occasion, the good folks at the BBC have put together a fascinating tool that lets readers get an estimate of where they figure in the grand human tapestry. Put in your birth date, and it will instantly tell you not only what number human you were on the Earth at the time, but also what number person you are to have lived since history began.

The widget has a host of other cool data related to the population explosion of the last 50 years, as well. For instance, our minds were boggled when we learned that for most of human history, right up to the 18th century, a mere 500 million people roamed the planet.

Today, there are about 700 million people on Facebook.

Go check out the tool for yourself, and get your own number, at the BBC. (Pro tip: As is the Brits' wont, you'll have to remember to enter the day you were born before the month)

[via Gizmodo]