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Non fans may think that there isn't much to a WWE wrestling game but us die hard fans know there is some real meat in the annual packages. One thing that true fans look forward to each and every year is the games' version of a campaign or story mode, known as the Road to Wrestlemania. WWE '12 is still a few weeks away but THQ is already hyping this year's Road with a new video.

In the video above, courtesy of our friends at Vlad.TV, THQ and the WWE paint the picture of what ever professional wrestler works toward. Wrestlemania is far and away the biggest stage in the wrestling industry and you haven't made it in the sport until you have performed there.

This year's iteration of the mode sees you taking control of three different wrestlers, Sheamus, HHH, and the Big Show as each follow through the trials and tribulations that will take them up to Wrestlemania. While past years have offered stories that basically followed your path from the Royal Rumble in January to Wrestlemania in April, this year's game actually following one continuous storyline featuring all 3 characters across roughly a year and a half.

WWE '12 launches on November 22, 2011 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.