Nowadays, we're pretty cynical about what we see on the Internets, and are suspicious of anything that seems too good to be true. Assuming it's real, the question must be asked: Do you remember when you found out that very awful secret? That Darth Vader, the most heinous man in the known galaxy was actually Luke's father. Remember how earth-shattering hearing the young Jedi scream, "No" was at that impressionable age?

Well, this eager parent filmed his own children's reaction to that very moment, and truthfully the reaction isn't that good. If the kid named Faris had been seen jumping up and down, running around screaming, then we'd say, "Fake." But he doesn't. His jaw just hits the floor, while his sister doesn't really overreact at all, she's just engaged in the film and ready to see what's next.

This raises a curious question: When is the best time to introduce your young one to Star Wars? Share your concerns and thoughts with us in the comments section below!

[via /Film]