It has been nearly 30 years since Warner Bros. released the ill-fated film adaptation of the classic TV show, The Twilight Zone. Besides the fact that the movie received tepid reviews upon its release, it's perhaps best remembered for the on-set accident that killed the first story's star, Vic Morrow, as well as two adolescent co-stars. That accident, and the subsequent lawsuits, destroyed any chance of future sequels to the original.

But like many characters in the Twilight Zone itself, the franchise will never truly die, and, according to Variety, the studio is looking for directors to give the property a reboot. This new version of The Twilight Zone won't be filmed as three separate vignettes like the original movie; instead, it will be one full story handled a single director.

The studio is currently eyeing Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay, Rupert Wyatt (Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes), and Alfonso Cuaron (Children Of Men) as potential candidates, with Nolan being the frontrunner. Both Nolan and Cuaron have a built-in relationship with the studio from previous projects, but this would be the first time that either Bay or Wyatt will work for the company if either gets the job. 

Now if Warner Brothers would just get the idea of Bay out of their minds, then there might be a good shot at making a Twilight Zone movie that we can get excited about. 

[Via Variety