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We all know that there is nothing cooler than having something before all of your friends do. Sony recognizes that and wants to give a limited number of gamers the opportunity to do just that with the new PlayStation Vita.

Sony has announced the the PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle. This special package, which will be available in limited numbers through select retailers, will include a 3G / WiFi enabled Vita console, a limited edition carrying case, 4 GB Vita memory card, and a copy of the game Little Deviants for $349.99. The best part about the deal isn’t the contents though, it is the fact that it will be available to those who preorder on February 15, 2011. That is an entire week before the system is officially released to retailers.

Talk about having something to rub into the faces of your gaming friends. As with the release of any new console, the actual software is likely to hit the store shelves a couple of days early as well, which means you could truly get a leg up on the competition.