In a feat of ingenuity that's sure to win him his local costume contest, Mark Rober created the coolest Halloween costume concept we've seen yet using two iPad 2s: He's made it look like he has a convincing, massive hole cutting right through his midsection.

To create the effect, Rober set the iPad 2s up in a FaceTime call with one another and strapped them to his front and back. With each iPad communicating what it sees to the other in a live video stream, the image projected on whichever screen you're looking at makes it look as if you are seeing straight through to the other side.

Rober splattered himself with fake blood around the iPads to complete the aesthetic. And since you need WiFi in order for FaceTime to work, he's carrying around a portable MyFi base station in his pocket. See the costume in all its gory glory above.

[via Gizmodo]