A tape made by skydiver and porn actor Alex Torres is currently under the scrutiny of the Federal Aviation Administration. Eager to catch Howard Stern’s eye, Torres filmed himself having sex with Hope Howell, a receptionist at Bakersfield, California’s Skydive Taft School, where he also works. Oh yeah, they had sex in the plane, as they jumped out of it, and as the plummeted to the ground. And it was all set to Katy Perry’s “E.T.”

Still no big deal, right? After Torres posted the video on his age-protected website, it began to circulate around a local high school and that’s when it became an issue. Because nobody actually witnessed this daring act, they don’t have to worry about any public indecency charges. However, having sex on a plane could be a violation of federal regulations, especially because it took place in a jump seat next to the pilot.

Torres has since been fired, but Howell’s future with the school is still up in the air. Meanwhile, the FAA is reviewing the tape to see if the pilot was “distracted.” Just like those high school kids were.

[via Gawker]