When Apple called the iPad "magical" we wonder if it was referring to Simon Pierro's brand of digital magic. Using Apple's popular tablet, Pierro, or the Wizard of the OS as he's also known, has been able to wow audiences with his new media magic tricks. Apple even invited him to one of its European stores to perform.

For Halloween, Pierro put together an amazing performance (seen above) which he told Mashable took him 10 months to create and was a "hell of a lot of work."“Luckily my iOS programmer Masashi Beheim again joined the project," he said. "It took him more than 100 hours of programming this time, being as fanatical about details as I am." 

The Halloween iPad Act follows Pierro as he tries to find a serial killer. It's really dope. Watch it up top and head over to his website to see more of his work. 

[via Mashable]