The original Trine was critically-acclaimed for its stunning visuals and outrageously fun physics, but sadly, the wonky multiplayer mechanics kept it from truly shining.  Sorry, but local co-op on the PC just isn't practical.  All of that is about to change though, as Trine 2 will indeed have online co-op modes, including a new Unlimited Mode.  In normal co-op, players have to take on the three different roles of knight, wizard and thief.  In Unlimited Mode, however, you're allowed to play as duplicates or triplicates of any of the three roles.  This freedom will allow players to invoke crazy combinations of mechanics that strongly affect the gameplay experience.  For example, two wizards can conjure boxes and then levitate each other across a chasm.  It's like cheating!  Get your friends ready for magic and mayhem, as Trine 2 will be releasing sometime this year for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.