As a director, Steven Spielberg has been M.I.A. in Hollywood since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull crash landed in theaters in 2008. As everyone knows by now, Crystal Skull wound up being a huge disappointment for longtime fans of the series, and it saw Spielberg take a huge step backwards from the quality of great films he had been putting out during the last decade. Fans of Spielberg are hoping that The Adventures of Tintin will see the director return to his roots as one of the most imaginative filmmakers in the industry. 

All of the previous footage from Tintin so far has been pretty brief, with an emphasis on action and a few quick jokes. This latest trailer focuses on the plot of the movie, as well as giving audiences a look at Tintin's personality. Throughout the trailer, Spielberg's patented blend of action, humor, and broad characters are front-and-center. There is certainly a Raiders of the Lost Ark feeling that permeates every second of footage, which is exactly what this franchise needs.

One of the most questionable aspects of the movie was the decision to depend solely on CGI to bring Tintin's world to life. But the good folks at WETA have outdone themselves by creating a nostalgic look and feel to the movie that perfectly replicates the original Tintin comics. Dealing with a completely digital cast and world, Spielberg now has the freedom to shoot action scenes in a way that would be virtually impossible with real actors. WETA's brilliant work allows for audiences to get lost in the film itself, instead of rolling their eyes at cheap special effects. 

The Adventures of Tintin looks to be the type of movie that Spielberg would have made when he first broke on to the scene. From the footage we have seen, it looks fast-paced, action-packed, and humorous, with all of the heart and soul that is to be expected from the venerable director.

We'll see if Spielberg really does manage to erase the memories of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull when The Adventures of Tintin is released on December 23.