Adam Jensen is back and ready for another adventure, that is if you are ready and willing. Square Enix has officially released the first DLC adventure pack for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The content is available today for $14.99 / 1,200 Microsoft points. Regardless of your platform of choice, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, or OnLive, the new chapter can be yours right now.

Tortured by Belltower agents and with his augmentations disabled, Jensen must escape from a freighter destined for an unknown location. Jensen uncovers a new layer of conspiracy, befriends new allies, and fights ruthless enemies to discover what was happening in the shadows during the events of the main game. You are going to have to pretty much start from scratch with Adam as most of the powers that you unlocked from the main game have been stripped at the start of this new chapter. Half of the fun was unlocking them anyways, right?