When people want Taco Bell, they will run to the border at all costs.

Matthew Falkner went to a Taco Bell in Jensen Beach, Fla., where he ordered tacos and promptly passed out in his pick-up truck. While still in the drive-thru. With his foot on the gas pedal. When a Taco Bell manager noticed Falkner face down in his truck with the “engine revving” and “smoke coming out of the engine,” he called the cops.

When the police arrived, Falkner was still out cold. An officer was forced to reach inside of his truck, remove his foot from the gas and turn the vehicle off. Falkner still managed to sleep through all of this, but the cop eventually woke him up.  When the officer asked him what he was doing, Falkner offered the best explanation possible: a blank stare. When asked if he was aware that he was sleeping with his foot on the gas pedal, he simply replied that he didn’t know and started digging in the Taco Bell bag, totally un-phased by what was going on.

The cops smelled alcohol, so they asked Falkner for identification. He replied with a simple “no”, and continued to pierce the officer with the same hollow stare before removing a taco from the bag and eating it. It’s almost certain that the cops had been through this before, so they administered a breath test on Faulkner and he failed it with flying colors. A .227 blood alcohol content is always a recipe for disaster.

We’re sure this caused quite a scene if other people were in that drive-thru line, but at least Faulkner didn’t have a shotgun on him.

[via Gawker]