One of the knocks from comic book fans against Captain America: The First Avenger was the fact that the movie criminally underused the Howling Commandos, Cap's squad of foul-mouthed soldiers. This group played a huge part in Marvel’s version of WWII in the comics, yet in the film they were basically relegated to background props.

But now, fans of these surly characters should rejoice because Marvel has a sneak peek at a deleted scene from the Captain America Blu-ray that adds to the story of the Howling Commandos. Obviously this scene features some unfinished special effects and studio text on the screen, but this footage is important because it shows off how the Commandos got captured in the first place.

While WWII never truly felt dangerous enough in the theatrical release of The First Avenger, this trench warfare scene adds some much needed authenticity to the fantasy-based world of the Marvel Universe. It also gives us a much more devastating look at the power of HYDRA, which was sorely lacking in the movie.

[via Marvel]