Being that there is really no practical way to create the Sandman on screen without dousing actor Thomas Hayden Church with dangerous radiation, director Sam Raimi had to rely on an abundance of CGI to bring the classic Stan Lee/Steve Dtiko villain to life. These sand effects could have wound up achieving Scorpion King levels of suck if left in the wrong hands, but with a little care and a $200 million budget, the Sandman was actually the highlight of an otherwise unwatchable film.

The end result was a man who could turn his fists into menacing hammers, escape the Wall Crawler by transforming into a giant sandstorm, and morph himself into a 10-story tall granulated monster. Sure the action scenes looked cool, but the CGI Sandman could also show enough emotion to tell a gripping story.

One scene in particular works better than the rest when the Sandman first struggles with his new powers after his accident. Set to a very appropriate score and rendered tragically, the Sandman's introductory scene proves how important CGI can be in the hands of a great filmmaker.