As one of the most philosophical and introspective characters ever put on the page of a comic, Dr. Manhattan was a tall order for CGI artists to create because he didn't simply go around fighting baddies and smashing cars. Real acting was required, as well as a full range of subtle emotions.

Despite the failings of Zack Snyder’s adaptation of Watchmen, somehow the crew on the movie perfectly pulled off Dr. Manhattan, even though he was undoubtedly the trickiest character to adapt. He was quiet, contemplative, and graceful, without ever looking over-the-top or cartoony. There wasn't a moment where he felt anything less than genuine.

He was also completely nude and featured a meticulously detailed blue package. We're pretty sure that's a first for any CGI character. To this day, though, we feel bad for the poor souls that were in charge of animating Doc Manhattan's junk.