Former Real World star Johnny Devenanzio is suing the creators of Entourage for allegedly stealing his name - kinda. 

According to TMZ, Devenanzio claims that he's been going by the name "Johnny Bananas" on MTV shows since 2006 - in Entourage, there's a plot in which Johnny Drama agrees to be the voice of an animated series called "Johnny's Bananas," where all the characters are primates.

Devenanzio claims that he owns the rights to the name, and the fact that it was used elsewhere has forced him to undergo "tremendous emotional distress" that was "intentionally inflicted upon plaintiff by defendants' unwarranted, unauthorized, and unjustified use of plaintiff's name and characterization in an offensive and disparaging manner in named 'Entourage'." At this point, we kind of have to point out how bullshit this case is, considering that the nickname "Johnny Bananas" was originally used by Chicago mobster John DiFronzo back in the day, and it doesn't look like Devenanzio has any intentions of suing him too.

Anyway, he sent a cease and desist letter to HBO about a month ago, but when nothing changed - because it's a stupid case - he's filed a lawsuit against Time Warner, series creator Doug Ellin, and HBO in New York.

Since we had to google him to remember who he was, we're going to assume that it's pretty safe to say Entourage took nothing away from his "career" by using the name - because there'd have to be a career there to begin with. Zing!

[Via TMZ]