With all the hoopla surrounding the star-studded action sequel, The Expendables 2, we're sad to announce that tragedy has struck the set. While filming in Bulgaria, a stuntman was killed when an accident occurred involving a rubber boat and an explosion. Two stuntmen were actually involved in the scene, which was filming around 7pm local time on Thursday night, and the second man suffered serious injuries. He is now reported to be in stable condition.

No information has been released yet as to the identities of the men involved in the incident, but this is a continuing trend with this movie. If you recall, Jason Statham had to undergo minor surgery on his throat during the filming of The Expendables, which sparked an insurance fight between Alta Vista Productions and St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company. None of the film's stars—Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, or Slyvester Stallone—were present during the incident. 

It is reported that the filmmakers are working closely with the authorities in responding to and investigating this accident. There's also no word on if this halted production in anyway or has delayed the August 17, 2012 release date. Our sincerest condolences/get well soon's go out to the family of the deceased and injured. 

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