A pop culture icon, the DeLorean DMC-12 is set to return in 2013 with some minor updates. Though it’ll look the part, this isn’t exactly the Back To The Future, ‘80s original. 

Restoration automaker DeLorean Motor Company of Texas—and not the actual DMC run into the ground by drug-trafficking John DeLorean in 1982—will be producing “all-electric” models in partnership with Epic EV. As a result, the cars won’t impress with its specs, topping out at about 125 MPH and 260 horsepower. And no Flux Capacitor, despite being able to hit the 88MPH mark. Additionally, the MSRP should hit six figures—a far cry from the original’s ‘80s-era sticker of $12,000.

First the kicks, now the whip—Back To The Future nostalgia is at fever pitch. So don’t be surprised if Hollywood bastardizes the series with a Taylor Lautner remake. Let’s pray they stop at bringing back the Universal Studios ride.

[via Engadget]