A naval blockade pins the Guardians to a hillside opposite Port Scion. I’m feeling saucy, so, in a fit of ill-advised bravado, I jump into the river and swim to an island occupied by demons. These guys are hell on earth. Then there’s this dragon. This must be “Maelforge,” because dragons are a big deal and messages appear on my screen cursing its name. Defeating Maelforge will likely coincide with liberating the city or Silverwood, another feat I can’t pull off at this point. Maelforge doesn’t look so tough, but I can feel the heat curling off its scaled hide. It turns out, however, that this is only an illusory image. This image’s purpose is twofold: to act as a scarecrow for new players like me, and to give me one more glimpse into this region’s future, much like they did by showing me the overrun city. No matter how distracted I become with closing rifts, invading Defiants, artifact collecting, and general looting, Rift wants to embed my final destination and objective into my psyche.