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Harrison Krix makes stuff. Namely, props for video game developers like BioWare that ask him to build replicas of Mass Effect rifles that you'd see Commander Shepard reloading while charging into a mob of Geth troopers. Or charging into a Comic Con, which is exactly where this beauty--the N7 Rifle--made its public debut.

You can scan the images above for an idea of how to go about making your own. Coupled with our 3-step instructions below, you'll see just how easy it is to build one of these.

Step 1: Draw the N7 Rifle's shapes onto something called 1/4" sintra.

Step 2: Piece the rifle stock together. Use glue.

Step 3: Finish the rest of the rifle.

For the real story behind this masterwork of prop-making, browse Volpin Props' photo-rich post. His work is inspiring.