P Is For Porn

Target: Sesame Street

Date: Oct. 16, 2011

We'll spare you the Tickle Me Elmo quips. Instead of watching Big Bird teach the fundamentals of human anatomy, viewers (mostly children) were exposed to pornographic content for nearly 20 minutes on the Sesame Street channel. The unknown assailants replaced the page’s banner to read,  “SESAME STREET: I’TS [sic] WHERE PORN LIVES,” while encouraging kids to stay tuned on the obviously edited profile description: “WHO DOESN’T LOVE PORN KIDS? RIGHT! EVERYONE LOVES IT…PLEASE DON’T LET SESAME STREET TO GET THIS ACCOUNT BACK KIDS  …WE GONNA MAKE ALL THE AMERICA HAPPY!” CNN spotted a message on the account that pinned the hack on two YouTube users, MrSuicider91 and MrEdxwx. The latter posted a video claiming his innocence. MrSuicider91 on the other hand refused to comment.