First Appeared: Lost (Episode 1, "Pilot—Part 1," September 22, 2004)
Founding Father: Jeffrey Lieber, J. J. Abrams, and Damon Lindelof
Notable Residents: Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Smoke Monster, Hugo, John Lock, Ben Linus

Few other cities on this list can claim to be an island, but then it's not really a city, and it's kind of a living being more than an island, and then of course there's the truth that it's not really a place at all. What it really is, is the engrossing mess of contradiction, coincidence, and magic that kept so many tuning in every week to have their emotions messed with and ultimately released. Along the way, there were polar bears, smoke monsters, underground facilities, end of the world buttons, a submarine, a pirate ship, and a bottomless pit. Oh, and there was some philosophy. And hella amounts of sexual tension.