First Appeared: Sixteen Candles (1984)
Founding Father: John Hughes
Notable Residents: John Bender, Ferris Bueller, Samantha Baker, Gary Wallace, Wyatt Donnelly

In the 1980s, many of your favorite film characters would have hailed from this fictional North Chicago suburb. And because we've embraced nostalgia for that decade with our whole hearts, many of your favorite film characters probably still hail from Shermer. This is the stereotypical suburb where the Breakfast Club came together, where Ferris had his famous day off, where Sam Baker kissed the impossibly dreamy Jake Ryan over a burning birthday cake. Also, where two geeks built Kelly LeBrock. In Shermer, dreams come true. In America, more often they don't — LeBrock gets fat, a filmmaker dies of a heart aattck, and Judd Nelson can't find his career anymore. No wonder how many of us choose Shermer over reality.