First Appeared: The Fellowship of the Rings (1954)
Founding Father: J.R.R. Tolkein
Notable Residents: Sauron, Shelob

There's certainly no city quite like it. Known as the Dark Land or the Land of Shadow, Mordor is suffocatingly unique. It is described as a dying land not yet dead, filled with low scrubby trees, withered mosses, and briars and brambles aplenty. And yet Mordor is home to the most undeniably intimidating monuments of power and evil. Sauron's headquarters is like the evil CIA (or just the CIA, depending on who you talk to) of Middle-earth. His eye sits on the tower of Barad-dur, ceaselessly staring out over the lands, unblinkingly taking in all information that leads him to the Ring. Behind him, Mt. Doom churns and swells with the same undying heat that originally forged the Ring and now waits expectantly for its return. The Black Gate and the Tower of Teeth help to keep the riff raff out of this well-run organization, with a terrifying sucess rate.